Sustainable Development is based on the acknowledgement that the actions we take today will have an impact on our world of tomorrow. The challenge for 21st century society is to act in a way that does not limit the range of economic, social and environmental options available to future generations.

PGMs and their associatied industries have been making a significant contribution to the concept of sustainable development. They represent an important part of modern life and are being used to provide safe and environmentally sustainable products:

If you're reading this from a laptop computer screen, the glass is probably made using PGM equipment, and the disks in your hard drive are coated with the PGM metals.

When you're out driving, PGMs ensure that your airbag operates properly and that the catalytic converter reduces your exhaust emissions.

As you and your family sleep at night, the smoke detector that will alert you to the risk of fire, relies on PGMs.

And if you're ever faced with the tragedy of you or one of your loved ones developing cancer, then it could be PGMs that will be at the forefront of treatment.

A summary about the advantages of platinum group metals as well as the 25 most prominent and promising applications using PGMs can be found in our Fact Sheet.